Tom Mackrola is a well-rounded professional with a background which includes real estate investing, mortgage lending and insurance sales. He aims to provide a real life insight into how to execute his proven strategies with manageable steps you can put into action right away.

His specific goal is helping members of the gen x and millennial generations build generational wealth through homeownership and real estate investing. Regardless of your level of experience in homeownership or real estate investing, Tommy aims to provide invaluable takeaways within his content, interactions, and events.

The moniker “Tommy Bagaloans” (pronounced Bag-A-Loans) stems from his days as the top producing home insurance agent at Chicago’s only Geico Insurance Office. In the office there was a dry erase white board where all of the agents would keep tally of their daily sales. The office was an extremely competitive high volume sales environment that often had a “Wolf of Wall Street” call center type of feel. Tommy and his co worker Joe would often compete for the top sales spot in number of daily sales.

Joe was very fast at answering the phone and would sometimes intercept Tommy’s customers as they would call back to purchase the policy that Tommy had spent an hour convincing them to buy. As Joe would tally up “his sale” after such an interception Tommy would say “f#@kin’ Joey Bag- A-Sales! does it again.

Eventually Tommy would start intercepting some of Joe’s sales and it became a tradition of friendly competition to refer to one another as “first name, Bag-A-Sales.”

Then one year in the second week of December, the insurance agency owner changed the criteria for the end of the year bonus. After the change, only one agent in the office (who wasn’t Tommy) received the bonus. Nonetheless, this 11th hour edit in bonus qualification inspired Tommy to take his talents elsewhere. He aligned with a mortgage company called NEW CASTLE HOME LOANS and has been doing mortgage sales ever since.

When he called his friend Joe to tell him about his career change…Joe Answered the phone” Tommy Bag-A-Sales!” and Tommy said…”It ain’t Tommy Bag-a-sales any more” Its Tommy Bag-a-LOANS!

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