Welcome to our workshop!

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a homeowner in 2018!

Our workshop is fun, interactive, and informative and below is an outline of what to expect:

We will greet you at the reception and give you an overview of what’s to come.

After checking you in, we will supply you some index cards, markers, and a notepad with a pen. Cheese and wine will be set up so please help yourself.

Our workshop is different from the lecture-style seminars.

We changed the concept from lecture-style to small groups because it allows for a more meaningful conversation, more interactive, and less pressure on you.

You will have the chance to visit three (3) different knowledge stations with one expert. Think of our workshop as a game of musical chairs. Each knowledge station gets 15-20 minutes to go over their expertise in a conversational setting where you can ask questions.

Above all, the process of talking with a lender, a REALTOR, and an attorney is similar to an actual real estate transaction so you will be ahead of the curve.

Knowledge stations with experts include:

MORTGAGES: Tom Mackrola & Francisco Guzman
(Inlanta Mortgage)
How to apply for a loan and available grants

REALTORS: Martha Rodriguez & Gerardo Zavala
(Realty of Chicago)
Finding your dream home

ATTORNEY: Terry Fogarty
From contract to closing the transaction

INSURANCE: Forrest Eikenburg
(Goosehead Insurance)
Properly insuring one of your biggest purchases


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Something to think about…

A day or two before the event, I want you to think about “what’s your why?” Meaning, why do you want to become a homeowner? We will go over this at the event. Trust us, it will be fun and motivational!

See you on February 10!



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