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Down payment assistance program options through IHDA ACCESS PROGRAMS

The Illinois Housing Development Authority has announced that on February 1, 2018 the At Home Illinois down payment assistance program will be replaced by the Access Programs. there are 3 types of programs to choose from and they offer up to 10,000.00 towards down payment assistance.

Access 4% forgivable

This program offers assistance amount up to 4% of purchase price up to $6k max forgivable over a term of 10 years. There is no monthly repayment Assistance is forgiven pro-rate on a monthly basis

Example : if 6,000 , it will be forgiven @ 50.00 /month

Access 5% Deferred

The assistance amount is 5% of the purchase price UP to 7500 maximum The repayment for the assistance amount is a 0% interest. Full amount due at maturity date or upon “repayment event. Can be repaid at any time.

Access 10% repayable

Assistance amount is 10% of the purchase price. Up to 10,000 maximum  for a term of 10 years. the repayment is done 0% interest monthly payment -dpa amount / 120 months. For example if 10,000, payable at 83.33/month

Pro Tip :Remember 10/10/10 if you’re not sure, the answer is probably 10. 10% max da percentage, $10k max amount 10 year term


Expanded Eligibility

The access programs have expanded eligibility requirements to qualify them previous first time and non first time homebuyers allowed.

For these programs, both first time homebuyers and non first time homebuyers are eligible but lenders must disclose borrower status

Geographically, there is no county specific requirement .all Illinois counties are eligible across all 3 Access programs.

New construction is also allowed.

Transparently Disclosed as Ihda 2nd mortgages

There is nothing mysterious about the programs. When used, each down payment assistance program takes the position of a second mortgage and that mortgage is disclosed according to trid guide lines.


Key Qualifying factors

Like many other Ihda  programs the borrower must be within income limits and the property must be within purchase price limits. The borrower has a minimum contribution of 1% or $1000 (whatever is greater), however properly sourced gift funds can satisfy this. (agency guidelines are followed)

The programs have Minimum credit score of 640 mid score. The credit score for all loan types must be 640 no exceptions. The debt to income back end ratio  must be 45%. no exceptions

Pre-purchase counseling

Pre-purchase counseling is required on all programs pre purchase counseling must be completed before closing Ihda will accept certificates before closing. Ihda will accept certificates  completed before closing up to one ear from the completion date.

There is no exception, quick fix  or waiver that can be provided for pre-purchase counseling. Most mortgage insurance companies offer pre purchase training online if the borrower in unable to attend a course in person.


1st home Illinois

1st home Illinois will remain intact. For more information on 1st Home Illinois please refer to the earlier post about IDHA 1st homs illinois 7500 down payment assistance program here.

Apply now

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